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are some scenes from the president's town hall from earlier today in montana. >> that is for all. [applause] >> thank you, montana. thank you. [applause] sean: nobody in the president's make-believe world rkts they don't like guns very much in montana, do they? >> i'm a proud n.r.a. member. [applause] >> i believe in our constitution and it's a very important thing. sean: i think four people clapped. did you hear the crickets chirping even though there are people in montana who believe in second amendment rights. joining me now is karl rove. welcome to the studio. >> thanks for having me here. the hannity headquarters. sean: i like that. let's start with the poll numbers and you brought the black board and let's look. >> this is the backdrop. his job approval in the fox poll, 53-40 approve, disapprove. but among independents, 49-44 and that is a shift from a few weeks ago when it was 54-38. so in a matter of three weeks, it has declined among independents and you see that same decline in independents in health care reform. 34% approve. 49 disapprove. among independents, 29-50 and in july it
slipping, president obama hit the road again this time in belgrade, montana. the crowd was much friendlier than those rowdy town halls we have seen, but the president finally did get a couple of questions that were not complete softballs. chuck todd joins us in a moment from montana. plus, you know those end of life counsel prognosis visions in the health care bills which republicans, like sarah palin, have distorted into death panels? it turns out republicans were actually for end of life counseling before they were against it. that's just one of the inconsistencies we'll discuss with republican john culbertsoc. >> and how far has he fallen? there is a report that john edwards is about to finally admit he is the father of his mistress's child? where would he be if edwards had not been so wisely dejected by wise democratic voters last year. >> and bill clinton has some tough words on the networks crowd on don't ask don't tell. >> and what does it mean to be palinized? ask one who says it could easily happen to her. the definition coming up on the hardball side show. >>> first president oba
to take this anymore!" >> my name is randy from montana. that i believe our constitution and it's a very important thing. i also get my news from the cable networks, because i don't like the spin that comes from the other places. >> you have to be careful about the cable networks, though. okay. go ahead. go on with the question. >> geraldo: as people vent, washington squirms, and town hall meetings erupt in impassioned debate. this is a fox news alert. >> the notion that somehow i ran for public office or member of congress are in so they can go around pulling the plug on grandma. i mean, when you start making arguments like that, that simply dishonest. >> geraldo: the midst of sometimes wild rhetoric, spreading anxiety and apparently widespread discontent, the president is continuing his now deeply personal push to get people behind his crusade to change the nation's healthcare system. and following up on tuesday's granite state stop in new hampshire and friday's big town hall meeting in the big sky state of montana, after visiting old faithful and a day of fly fishing, tonight he was i
at this point, rick. >> rick: we watched the president in colorado and he did the same thing in montana the other day and has the opening statement and takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeve, and this is a president who looks more like a candidate, like he did before super tuesday last year, does it feel like you are covering a campaign? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, rick, it certainly does, i mean, three town halls in five days, and from new hampshire to montana, to colorado, and now we're in arizona, and so, feels like campaign mode and the president telling people yesterday in grand junction go out and knock on doors and spread the message of health care reform and he's doing what he has done best, silt ell it i person and rolls up his sleeves and whatever you are asking, your opponent, bring their questions and definitely feels like we are back in campaign mode. >> rick: mike, thanks so much. >> jamie: the president's colorado town hall, was mostly filled with supporters who didn't challenge the president or his reform efforts. at least until the end when 23-year-old zach lon
born in billings, montana where the parents lived for five to six years. one son these days, okay, and came back to billings, married a girl who is a part of a large family. now he is part of that large family and he is building a large family and he won't budge. he is totally attached. the other one, and his story is fascinating. he is in montana and this is not a rich family but there is some rich man in montana who pays for one kid a year, for the four year duration of school, to go to st. paul's school in concord, new hampshire. beaches base for the whole thing. he find some super bright kid. this boy couldn't study language in billings, so he signed up and he was accepted. then he got cold feet and turned him down. then he reconsidered and his parents had never been to see the place. they didn't even know what he was up to 70 reconsidered and called them up and said i think i do want to do that. as it was, it was too late but let's see what we can do for you. he gets into hotchkiss and the richman puts them in hotchkiss. in one year he is boy of the year at hotchkiss, a broad
into the lion's den in montana. he needs the moment, a big moment where they are all yelling at him, and he says something that is calming yet firm. he needs to be out there where the senators are really going, facing the detractors and doing it in a way that shows courage and leadership. >> democrats would like to think that they are losing this because they are being out- organized, because there is conspiracies out there, groups that are galvanizing people, or tactics are wrong. the problem is with one evan said -- at the core of this is a contradiction that the ordinary americans understand -- president says we have to cut costs on health care and i am going to do it and we will insure 50 million additional americans. if you are 8 years old, you know that cannot be true. there is something here that is wrong. when the cbo came out and said that it is going to cost a fortune, it is not going to save the, there was no escape. those are numbers that you cannot refute. >> this year the fed about as a tacit $1.27 trillion. people notice that and they -- >> the way it affects the health care debat
day today. 70 out there in billings, montana. billings, montana. d rfo all of your weather needs you know where to go,, that will cover it for you. jenna, back to you. >>> nearly one in three americans over the age of 45 has some type of knee pain, for some it's stiffness after sitting for hours, for others, a dull ache after exercising, but what's causing it and what can you do about it? dr. victor kobe, co-chief of orthopedic surgery at northern westchester hospital in new york. >> good morning. >> we're going to break this down. knee pain comes in a number of different forms, there's osteoarthritis, overuse, tendonitis and specific injuries. i want to get to all of it and then we'll talk about treatment. let's start with osteoarthritis because as we get older undoubtedly we're going to have knee pain but why is the question, why does that happen? >> what happens is we all get knee pain from time to time, but it's when the pain becomes more persistent that usually catches our attention. there's cartilage or cushion in the knee and over time, that can wear thin. the knee
hampshire. he then went from the east way up here into montana in the west. the president having another town hall out here. short sleeves out in the west. interesting, in montana, the president lost to john mccain, but just narrowly there. and when you get further west, you have increased skepticism about washington and about government spending and the role of government in health care. and the president wrapped up his week with a town hall in colorado out here in the conservative part of the state. this was a red state he turned blue in the election, but out in conservative grand junction, interesting in colorado, 17% of the state's residents lack health insurance. 9% are are on medicare. and 8.5% on medicaid. as we watch the president travel politically, many of his own allies, even some of his allies say, they are more and more skeptical he can get this bill this year. you share that skepticism? >> i don't. i think that the debate across the country is -- reflects the fact that americans care deeply about health care. it's the most personal issue to most folks. everyone has a loved
, welcome. i want to take you to montana. this is a town hall debate that the president had. listen to randy rathy, what he had to say. >> max baucus, our senator, has been locked up in a dark room there for months now trying to come up with some money to pay for these programs and we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. you're saving here, you're saving over there. going to take a little money there, take a little money there. you have no money. the only way to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. max baucus says he doesn't want to put a bill out that will. but that's the only way you can do that. >> congressman, isn't he right? >> i can't believe that -- that our democracy is so fragile that people have no answer to a very serious problem would just try to create animosity and hatred rather than try to sit down and first find out what is the problem, how costly is it and what does it take in order to stop it. there's no question that almost everyone listening to this show have known some horrible story
on the heels of last night's meeting in montana. the president faced pointed but civil questions about how he will pay for the plan to reform the nation's health care system, a process that has caused his once sky high approval ratings to fall. in his weekly address, he wants the challenges to move forward. but utah senator orrin hatch rejected the charge saying americans just want the facts. >> although i strongly encourage the use of respectful debate in the town halls, we should not be stifling the discussions. there's nothing unamerican about disagreements. our great nation was founded on speaking our minds. >> reporter: the voters explain and sometimes defengd the reform legislation they are expected to undertake when they return to capitol hill next month. oncochran, abc news, washington. >> tonight, christopher dodd is out of the hospital after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. a statement from his office says the 65 year was released from a cancer center. the five-term democrat announced last month he'd been diagnosed with an early treatable stage of cancer. he expects to return
. the ones in montana on friday night, they were given away in montana in the local area, so they don't select only supporters of the president, and if you're an opponent of the president, we've seen a couple of them who don't agree with his plans on health care reform, you can get into these forums as well. >> don't think you can get in his face. paul steinhauser, we'll see you again. >>> with the president going to yellowstone and the grand con on, our national park are in the spotlight but they need a face lift. here's how stimulus money is helping out. >>> education is more important than others but at some black colleges the money crunch can put dreams of higher education in jeopardy. mbers. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines... in a single pill to significantly lower... high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in a clinical study of patients... with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, caduet helped 48% reach both goals in just 4 weeks. caduet is one of many treatment options, in addition to
said you wouldn't. >>reporter: the president in montana friday as part of his weekend tour through the west. he's trying to assure americans he will not raise taxes on the middle class to pay for health care reform. >> i made a promise that i would not raise your taxes if you made hundred 50 thousand dollars a year or less. that's what i said. i said that for people like myself, who make more than that, there's nothing wrong with me paying a little more in order to help people who got a little bit less. that's what my commitment is. >>reporter: a larger theme is mistrust of big government solutions. republicans have seized on that message. >> unfortunately, the path we are taking in washington right now is to simply spend another $1 trillion of taxpayer money to further expand the role of the federal government. reporter: president obama plans regular town halls throughout august. in washington, fox news. >>> to see more from president obama's town hall meetings, go to and click on "raw news." >>> one concern is the overwhelming amount of red tape. it's mor
three town house on thursday in new hampshire, friday in mantegna -- montana, and then the next day in caller. obama is making his pitch today with the same argument -- and the pitch he is making is to those who have health insurance. early on the debate had to do with cost or those who are not insured. but now that pitch is made so that a% who are injured mainly through their employer -- he is trying to tell them how they will benefit. it has been an evolution of the last two weeks. host: the president layoutlays t some key points. it says that reform will being down skyrocketing costs and improve quality. he talks about the tone or tenor. he says that the vigorous debate taking place is a good thing. but let's make sure that we talk with one another and not over one another. he says let's disagree over issues that are real. of course he is tapping into the fact that these town hall meetings have been very explosive, a lot of intense things going on. will the president gained traction with this sort of dialogue? guest: you see people coming to town hall meetings with pitchforks. it
the government option and the government spending. then out to montana, john mccain carried this state. the president more casual out west. out here, john mccain won, but just narrowly. getting further west, as you always know, there's more skepticism about the role of government and government spending. lastly the president before taking a break, was down in colorado for a town hall. he carried this state, but his message was delivered out in the grand junction area which is conservative country out here. 17% of the residents of colorado are uninsured. as we watch the president make his case, one thing he said in colorado was don't get so f fixated on this so-called public option. i would like one in there, but people are getting hung up on that, and there are other thicks to talk about. we could say we hold these truths to be self-evident. it's clear he doesn't have the votes in the senate. is he sending a message? >> it does sound that way. the president has held pretty fast to the notion of a public option. time and time again, when you press the white house as to whether or not th
, didn't quite come up in the montana one. i think he's going to create problems with people who work in the postal service who are worried they're going to have to do a whole bunch of lay-offs and are going to be shutting down a bunch of mini offices. the point is well taken. >> i heard some horrific number in terms of what they're in the hole. in the billions of dollars. >> reporter: absolutely. >> chuck, we'll talk to you again. it's early where you are, like 5:17 in the morning. >> you know, arizona has this weird decision where half the year on pacific time, half the time on -- >> just go get coffee. wherever you are. i'll talk to you next hour. >> fair enough. >>> almost a dozen wildfires continue to rage across california. the most troublesome of those fires is in santa cruz county south of san francisco. the fire there already charring more than ten square miles. michael okwu is live in swanton. you're with us all morning yesterday with talk about the fires. i understand that the firefighters did make some progress in the last 24 hours or so. >> reporter: well, there's definit
hampshire, colorado, and montana just to bring these kind of opposition forward. all the passion that on the other side. so obama wanted to match that head-to-head. the problem with obama is he gives these sort of sober assessments. he has a hard time matching the passion of the other side. i think that's why over the weekend we heard him start to talk about his grandmother a little bit, something he hasn't wanted to get into so far, but it is an emotional point. it is very resonant. that's why they're doing that, bring up the passion level. >> what about the health care town hall in colorado. the third one in a week for this president. this morning the president again reinforcing his message. he wrote a loengthy op-ed in th "new york times." if you don't get a chance to get to a town hall meeting, it does make a very strong case for the white house's perspective. get ahold of it, everyone. that said, has the president accomplished what he set out to do this week? >> no, absolutely not, alex. they're on the defensive. they're struggling. they wasted so much time answering this de
she wants to do. she wants to booed en her fan base, get past this disneyesque, hannah montana image. does this bring in more scrutiny from her? how prohibitive can that be? >> i think it's realistic of her to push things. i think last year she pushed things too far with that "vanity fair" photo shoot. within hours of that pole dance, her new song was number one at itunes, has already exceeded the sales of her last hit "the climb." >> we have seen child stars go wild in the past. is she on a different path than they were? who comes to mind? lindsay lohan. even britney to a degree. it was a rough road for a while. >> brid any rebounded. lindsey has not. it's questionable whether lindsey ever will. as miley takes that dangerous path, it may be a one-way trip. >> what do you think about her family? he dad and mom seem to be so over her. when she reaches a certain age, what can they do? >> only a year and a half left in terms of reigning her in. i think obviously they're show business savvy having been there themselves. i think that helps in this case. there's a wonderful bond between th
hampshire this week, in montana, in colorado, and he's taking a bit of a vacation here, but make no mistake about it, the president's plan right now to get everything he wants is in serious doubt and he's out there trying to turn public opinion his way. >> all right, john, help break it down for us. what, specifically, part of the plan seems to be drawing the greatest resistance right now? >> what is the public option qup they want to have a government-run health care plan, where you wouldn't necessarily have to take your health care from the government. there would be a menu of options available to you. some would private hmos or other public options, but there would be a government-run plan. it's very hard to sell. the conservative critics believe it would be the beginning of a federal takeover, but even conservative democrats in places where the president has been traveling say, i don't think so. this is too much reach for the government. so one compromise on the table is some kind of a regional co-op plan. and the president said yesterday something quite interesting. he said, we can't j
to montana and yellowstone, but that's okay. a lot of us get confused. yellowstone is a pretty big national park. but he got to see old faithful, went fly fishing. we hear he didn't catch any fish. press secretary robert gibbs appare apparently caught a fish that he's apparently sporting on his blackberry. chuck, you've been working really hard. are you going to get to the dodgers/diamondbacks game? >> i'd sure like to figure it out. maybe our friends who are watching who are our bosses there, maybe they can -- give me a little time off. >> he'll be a much happier guy, guaranteed. >> dodgers have to win this game. they need to win this game. they've lost two in this series. >> right. tommy lasorda's getting inducted into the brooklyn hall of fame today. i might pop on out there and give him a big old hug and say good for you. >> hope you get there. thank you very much for the work this weekend, chuck todd. >>> to california now and today almost a dozen different wildfires continue to burn across that state. thousands of firefighters out in force on the front lines trying to keep the flames
meeting in montana. leading those negotiations he got an earful that basically, if we are looking for a public option it is not going to happen. white house doesn't really have an ability to fight this that they really want to. >> mike emanuel, thanks very much. >> julie: now we want to know what you think. who do you trust more, your insurance company or the government. >> tweet us at "got one that said, i think the question would be better posed who are you more afraid of the health insurance companies or its government. >> i think the poll is on that. >> julie: we'll be talking to scott rasmussen about what americans will be thinking about right now. >> trace: it's considering taking over such a personal issue of our life. it's very scary. >> gregg: police making an arrest in a frightening and bizarre attack on the mayor. tom barrett recovering in the hospital he was beaten with a metal pipe. he was attacked last night as he was leaving wisconsin state fair with his family. the mayor had just come to the aid of a woman when she was attacked by the pipe wielding sus
message on health care reform to a meeting in colorado. another town hall. he left montana, then went to grand junction, colorado and doing something his critics said he need today do to try to help to sell health care more effectively, trying to invoke passion and make this about him and this is exactly what he did yesterday. taste a listen. >> i just lost my grandmother last year, i know what it's like to watch somebody you love who is aging deteriorate and have to struggle with that. the notion that somehow i ran for public office or members of congress are in this so that they can go around pulling the plug on grandma? i mean, when you start making arguments like that, that's simply dishonest. >> of course, there, that's all reference to the end of life counsel, which became so controversial, they took it from the bill. i think it's effective, i think it's effective when the president reminds people that he watched his loved one die and so many of us have. >> yes, his grandmother 86 years old. died two days before the election, died of cancer on november the 2nd, but it did bring
yesterday, i held a town hall in belgrade, montana, and we had a pretty good crowd. some were big supporters of reform. some had concerns and questions. some were completely skeptical. i got tough questions, but even though montanans had strong opinions, they did not shout at one another. they were there to listen. that reflects the american people and what our democracy is about, more than what has been covered on tv these last few days. that is why i thank all of you for being here today. i am going to take a bunch of questions, but before i do, i want to talk about what health insurance reform will mean for you. there is a lot of misunderstandings of there. first of all, what we are proposing is a common-sense set of consumer protections for people with health insurance. people with private health insurance. i expect that after reform passes, the vast majority of americans are still going to be getting their insurance from private insurers. we have to have some protections in place for people like nathan, people like you. so insurance companies will no longer be able to place an arbitrary
in belgrade, indiana, some were supporters of concern, some had -- in belgrade, montana, some were supporters of reform, some had questions, even though montanans had strong opinions they didn't shout at one another, they were there to listen and hareflects the american people and what our democracy is about, a lot more than what's been covered on tv these last few days and that's why i thank all of you whether you are for or against health care reform for being here today. now, i'm going to take a bunch of questions, but before i do i want to just talk about what health insurance reform will mean for you, because there is a lot of misunderstandings out there. first of all, what we're proposing is a commonsense set of consumer protections for people with health insurance. people with private health insurance. i expect that after reform passes, the vast majority of americans are still going to be getting their insurance from private insurers, so we've got to have some protections in place for people like me, people like you, so insurance companies will no longer be able to place an arbitrary c
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)